about myself

After graduating from college, I followed my heart and found a job as a designer in Shanghai. It was not easy since I was not a design or art major in university, and did not have any art/design certificate. However, luckily I found a job as a primary designer, working for a small mobile game company as a designer of UI/UX. We worked overtime every day, and it was pretty exhausting sometimes. I enjoyed it very much though at times it was close to too much.

Several months after getting that first job, I began to work as a graphic designer for a medical equipment company, after I had made up my mind to further my studies in the field of Graphic Design, which meant I needed more time to apply to graduate schools. I was doing better in the new company as a  graphic designer at that time and learned quite a bit while publicizing a line of biomedical products. I began to believe I could earn my living as a designer, but I told myself that my skills needed further refinement. I wanted to be a highly effective design professional and needed to learn some more about this area.

I was offered entry into the Graphic Design program at the Academy of Art in 2016 and felt excited to begin this journey. However, this is not the end; it is just the beginning of where I hope to go.  Design and receiving recognition from others gives me a  sense of accomplishment and motivates me to work even harder. There are thousands of possibilities for me in the future, and all I have to do is work hard to follow my professional dreams.

To know more about me, please download the resume